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In 2014, HCI STEM Programme continue to grow from strength to strength getting more partners to be

involved in Sabbaticals, project mentoring and ad-hoc science lectures. It is a year of consolidation and strengthening of our partnerships with our partner organizations. Our genre of STEM in 2014 has now expanded to analyzing chemical contents such as paint, hydrophobic sprays to 3D printing and green technologies e.t.c.

Our valued partners are the ones who provide our students the unique learning experiences. In return, we would like all our partners to be recognized for their outreach in education. Through our students’ creations via projects and research, we hope to create a platform for the world to see the efforts put in by our partners. Henceforth, in 2015, the HCI STEM programme would like to focus on creating unique engineering experiences for our students together with our valued partners.

Quoting our Minister of Education during the MediaCorp News 8 on 24 October, “that teachers and principals played a crucial role in helping Singaporeans look beyond academic qualifications and build skills, pursue interests and passions, learn throughout their life, and understand the value of all types of jobs”. Hwa Chong hope to achieve this through our STEM Programme supported by our partners to provide that unique experience of developing skills and passions.

2014 HCI Engineering Week Opening Ceremony Programme

Date :
06-Nov 2014 (Thurs)

Time :
8.30 am to 1 pm

Hwa Chong Institution - Drama Centre
(Please refer to the attached map)

Dress Code:
Business Casual

Theme: Creativity in Engineering

0830 - 1300
Students' Project Showcasing – Poster Exhibition
Outside Drama Center

0830 - 0900
STEM Recollections 2014 - A Digital Montage
Drama Center
0900 - 0920
Opening Address by Deputy Principal - Dr Chung Wen Chee
Drama Center
0920 - 0945
Defence Science Innovations

Mr Alvin Loh
Drama Center
0945- 1010
Green 365

Mr Zac Toh
Chop Ching Hin Pte Ltd
Drama Center
1010 - 1035
Sustainable Development Journey

Ms Rao Yimin
Jurong Town Corporation
Drama Center
1035 - 1045
Drama Center
1045 - 1110
Urban Heat Island Effect

(AGC Asia Pacific Pte Ltd)

Students’ Project Showcase
Drama Center
1110 - 1135
Engineering Innovations

Assoc Prof Ooi Kim Tiow
Nanyang Technological University
Drama Center
1135 - 1200
From Engineer to Technopreuner

Mr Matthias Chin
CEO and Founder of

Banff Cyber Technologies
Drama Center
1200 - 1215
Tokens of Appreciation Ceremony
Drama Center
1215 - 1300
Lunch reception
Outside Drama Center