Hwa Chong STEM Programme


“This skills transformation will involve many stakeholders, starting from schools to give our children a strong foundation in literacy and numeracy, throughout our system to give them a good grounding in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), moving on to help them build skills in problem solving (and) in applying knowledge.

by Heng Swee Kiat, June 2014.

Through the Hwa Chong STEM Programme, our various partners in the industry, tertiary institutions and research establishment have been helping us to achieve this "skills transformation", giving the students a real life context to do problem solving and applying acquired knowledge.

One of our key foundation of HCI STEM Programme is injecting elements of "play", which is an especially good way to motivate students to learn and put their knowledge into practical use. In fact, the fundamentals of STEM are the same as those for "playing", that is, innovation, curiosity, and a willingness to test out new ideas.

Hence, HCI STEM programme hopes to spark off students' interest in the different facets of engineering science and to develop students to become leaders in the different domains of STEM. We want to nurture a group of young professionals who are capable to think of creative ways to improve our quality of life.