During this Sabbatical programme, I gained more insights as to what being an engineer is all about. The various short trips to buildings owned by JTC provided me with a rare glimpse as to how engineering and physics could be incorporated into buildings in ways that improve the quality of the facilities and amenities. Stating several examples from CleanTech One, like the "wind wall", "chilled ceiling" and using detention ponds to collect rainwater, we can see how their goal to use clean energy to power their machinery and reduce pollution has been centralized around the concept of using renewable energy to the maximum. These features that had been implemented also reveal the artistry has been weaved in during the development of the building, as the science complemented the aesthetics of the building, making it appealing to the sense as well. From the guided tours around the buildings, my understanding of existing applications of engineering has been made firmer.

In Singapore, engineering can be viewed as an essential pillar of support to the economy. Research and development projects, industrialization and manufacturing all requires a strong foundation of engineer, as shown in this trip (especially the trip to Biopolis, JTC Summit and Jurong Island) which brought to focus how some of research are conducted, some of the challenges faced and what are some of JTC's plans in the future.

The visit has gave me an idea of the various industries and how they have shaped Singapore.

The technological design and facilities JTC have are quite interesting.