Our Journey

During the 1-week workshop, our knowledge scope of electronics is greatly expanded. We have seen the allure of electronics: a circuit is not a number of separate compartments, but a dynamic entity. Everything in the circuit is interconnected.

The first lecture was about the basics of electronics. Even though it is labelled as "basic", it has gone way beyond our normal physics syllabus of electronics.

The second lecture was held in National University of Singapore, ECE department. We were given a toolkit, with some electronic component in it. It was a fun experience to "DIY", id est, make some electronic circuits ourselves, using the components provided. For the first time we know the logical gates, operational amplifier and other interesting electronic components. Addition of these components has led to incredible outcomes, that we can make an unique and useful electronic gadget.

The third and fourth day were allocated for us to try out. With the professional assistance from NUS ECE department staff, we made our design come true.

- Fu Siyang, 4A3'13

The first day of this electronics workshop was spent in school's science and research centre. We had a lecture from Dr Lim on the basis of electronics. Most of the experiments done that day were not new to me, as I have done some of them in physics lab session.

The second day is the most important day of our workshop I think. We went to NUS ECE Department to learn about electronic test bench. I encountered an unknown problem in handling the software. But after changing to the lab PC, all those problems were solved. Maybe it is because the software does not support windows seven system.

The third and fourth day were for us to come up with our own circuit. Inspired by Mrs Ng's idea, my group designed a simple circuit which automatically switch off some of the LED lights when the surroundings is bright enough. However, the circuit was not working, which made us searching for the source of the fault for two hours. Meanwhile a PhD student from NUS also helped us look for the mistake but failed. Luckily we accidentally removed the earth line from the NOT gate and the circuit began to work.

The final day was for our presentation. Our simple but useful circuit won some complements from teachers. Hurray!
----Tao Jiashu

We started off the workshop with some guided hands-on experiments. Though some of the others had done similar experiments before, I had not and found it useful as a stepping stone to the harder circuits we would attempt later in the course. The first day ended with an enriching lecture by Dr Lim on semiconductors, which I found most interesting.

On the second day, we visited the NUS ECE Department to learn more about electrical circuitry and how a computer could simplify things for engineers. It was rather fun working with the computer program and testing out our circuits, though some of us were not able to complete the given circuit in the end.

The following two days were spent in the lab for us to showcase our creativity by designing our own circuits. Though we were ambitious and wanted to try out more complex circuits, the lack of certain components meant that we could only try out some rather basic circuits. Nevertheless, it was great fun designing our own circuits.

On the final day, we presented our circuits to the teachers. The workshop ended on a high note.
-- Benedict Lee (4B2)

The Electronics Workshop has benefited all of us in terms of knowledge and skills. Throughout the entire week, we got a better understanding of the various basic components and their uses, and worked on a hands-on project to test ourselves. While we Sec 4s may have had Physics practicals during curriculum, the workshop gave us an opportunity to explore beyond the syllabus.

Our first day started off with a few experiments and after a lecture by Dr Lim on semiconductors, we managed to grasp a better understanding of the topic. Some of us still needed a little help from our peers and teachers regarding the setting up of a circuit involving diodes, but they were all helpful and we eventually got it. On the following day, we went down to NUS ECE Department, where we learnt more about electrical circuitry and the concepts behind it. A lot of technical help was offered, because not all of us were able to complete the task. At first sight, connecting a few equipment to the computer seemed simple, but to be honest, it took quite some time and effort to get everything working. At the end of the half-day workshop there, despite not being able to complete the handout, it was a fun and enriching experience. It provided us with a much more in-depth understanding of the various components like Op. Amps., gates, and the oscilloscope as well as signal generator.

The next two days were for us to come up with a mini project idea and build a circuit for practical use. We were able to put into good use the knowledge we gained in the past 2 days (then), and while the process no doubt took much effort, it was worth it. After many bumps, we finally came up with a working circuit requiring components the lab had. It was an aqua alarm, or a water level alarm, that consisted of a buzzer when the water level reached a certain height. Many of us needed the help of the lab staff and a student from NUS in order to finish up our project. Though it was tough, the experience was fun and valuable.
–– Tan Jing Rong (4A3)

Our Reflection

The workshop provided me with a good opportunity to learn some knowledge beyond lesson time. It expanded my knowledge. I think the eletronic workshop was interesting.----Yang Shuanyuan(3S125'2013)

The workshop introduced electronic test bench to me. This device is extremely interesting and useful when designing and testing electrical circuits. I do not regret for signing up for this workshop. ----Tao Jiashu 4P3'13

Prior to the workshop, I had little knowledge of electrical engineering. However, this workshop has given me to opportunity to experience what electrical engineers do and to try designing circuits for myself. This exposure has helped me gain more insight into their jobs and aroused my interest in engineering. I would definitely consider a career in engineering. --Benedict Lee (4B2)

This workshop helped me gain a much deeper insight and understanding of electrical circuitry, and how it is found in many devices for our conveniences. The week-long experience has given me a greater exposure to the world of engineering, and I can say in all honesty, it was worth the time. –– Tan Jing Rong (4A3)

Thank you

I want to thank teachers for guidance and help.---Yang Shuangyuan(3S125'2013)

I would like to say thank you to all the teachers and staffs, either from Hwa Chong side or NUS side for providing me an enriching and insightful experience. ----Tao Jiashu 4P3'13

I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to the teachers and professors who have contributed to this wonderful experience in one way or another. Also, special thanks to Adeline of the lab staff for helping us redesign our circuit and helping us obtain certain components. --Benedict Lee (4B2)

I wish to thank the teachers in charge of organising Engineering Week, as it gave us the opportunity to explore different engineering aspects, as well as the teachers and lab staff who helped us along the workshop. Thanks Adeline of the lab staff for taking her time to help us with our circuit and go through all the trouble of obtaining the components we needed. — Tan Jing Rong (4A3)