Hwa Chong Institution Engineering Week 2012

HCI Engineering Week is a two-week education programme from 8 to 21 Nov 2012. It is designed to allow students to pursue and further their interests in Science, Technology and Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). With the involvement of top-notch MNCs and organisations, students will witness how companies drive technological innovation to meet everyday engineering challenges in real time and have the opportunities to interact with researchers, engineers and business leaders.

  • Pre-HCI Engineering week activities
  • Opening Ceremony
  • Pre-Learning Journey Workshops
  • HCI Learning Journey
  • Workshops / Talks
  • Post-Learning Journey Workshops
  • Closing Ceremony



Click here to sign Up for Engineering Week 2012!

Please note that registration has been extended to 13 August 2012, 2359hrs.

To complete the registration process, please remember to submit a one-page personal write-up to hcistem@gmail.com. You can talk about yourself and your interests. Please supplement your write-up with photos, videos, sketches or anything that you may find relevant.


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