Day 1 20/05/13

Today we went to Cleantech One which is the one of the buildings of JTC.

The building applies the idea of natural ventilation and I can even feel the soft natural wind in the building. The roof of the building is planed to be fulled with plants. This design can not only allow people in the building to breathe fresh air but also illuminate the whole building with warm sunlight. It was my first time to see the real natural ventilation applied in the buildings. I was attracted by this natural ventilation a lot as it is really unique. According to my own feelings, it really makes the air in the building more fresh and the sunshine also didn't make the temperature in the building too high. It keeps the environment at the most comfortable situation.The engineers there also introduced us a lot about other special designs of the building and we really learned a lot more about the concepts of the necessary facilities in the building.

Day 3 22/05/13

Today we continued out visit to One-North and Biopolis.

The engineers introduced to us many modern and creative technology applied in the buildings. I was impressed a lot by the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System. This system could collect the garbage of all the seven buildings and send them to the Helios together by using air pressure to transfer them in the tubes of roughly 21km. This system allows all the garbage to be held together and so it makes it much easier to deal with them. It is also surprising that the tubes can be so long.

There are also many practical applications applied in Biopolis such as the district cooling system. This system provides cool water for the air condition system. It also collects all the water in the Helios after they are used for cooling. During nights, all these water will be cooled again and get ready for the use on the next day. This dealing ways helps save much money as it can reduce the electricity cost a lot due to the low electricity price at night.

During the visit in the building, we also took photos and had fun together. It is a really enjoyable journey.

Day 4 23/05/13

Today we continued our visit to Jurong Island with our external mentor Mr Loh who is the engineer of JTC.

During the trip to Jurong Island, we discussed the problems and questions about the passive displacement ventilation system we found during our own study with Mr Loh. His patient explanation helps us learned a lot more about the layout and the whole system.The information he offered also helped us plan the next step of the project which we will set up a model system to study. In the next few weeks before the semi-finale, we will put all our effort to set up the model. The visit on Jurong Island also impressed me a lot. Although many highly technical designs are difficult for me to understand, I learned a lot more about the different usages of different parts of the buildings on the island.

After the three days' learning journey, I am attracted more by the project by learning more about the system which we study with the help with our mentors and also learning more about JTC. The journey to CleanTech One impressed me most. The natural ventilation system applied in the building brought me a different feeling and the unique idea also did attract me a lot. If I am given an opportunity to join the JTC as an engineer, I would be very happy to work for JTC and I was also inspired to study hard to try to get the opportunity for myself.