Our Innovation Journey

The programme was separated into 2 parts: the James Dyson workshop in the morning and the 3M manufacturing plant (Woodlands) tour in the afternoon.

At the James Dyson workshop, the James Dyson workshop facilitators gave us a comprehensive presentation on what it takes to be a proficient design engineer.

The entire process of modifying and producing an exceptional product that successfully meets the needs of the consumer encompasses a few key components, namely

Wrong Thinking

We were then split into various groups and were tasked to come up with products that can solve current problems based on the theme that each group was given. All kinds of materials were available for us to form the prototype of our product.

Each group was then given a theme (e.g. Public Places, Games and Entertainment) and tasked to come up with a problem related to the theme, solve it, and present the solution within 2 hours.

We were provided with materials such as cardboard and vacuum cleaner spare parts to build a prototype.

- Lin Yulong (4S216'2013)
- Daniel Lin Yu Hung (4A304'2013)
- Tay Wei Sheng (19) (4B2'13)

Our Reflection

I am grateful to have been given this amazing learning opportunity. The first section, the James Dyson workshop, helped me understand how engineers identify problems, approach them, and eventually solve them - the Dyson way.

- Lin Yulong (4S216'2013)

This workshop has been really enriching as it has provided me with a whole new perspective of engineering. The presentation made me realize how arduous the process of design engineering can be, especially when engineers designs and constructs with the aim of coming up with state-of-the-art products that will significantly improve the lives of consumers. Through the hands-on in the making of our prototypes, I am all the more convinced that design engineering was not as easy as I thought. However, the main takeaway I had from the workshop is that, design engineering is extremely fun!

-Tay Wei Sheng (19) (4B2'13)

Thank you

I wish to thank the James Dyson workshop facilitators, the Operation and Production Managers that we met at 3M, Mrs Ng, Ms Boey, Mr Goh, and any other people who have made this workshop possible. It was such a wonderful learning opportunity!

- Lin Yulong (4S216'2013)

I would like to thank the James Dyson workshop facilitators for providing us with so many insights on design engineering, as well as Hwa Chong teachers, namely Ms Boey, Mrs Ng and Mr Goh for ensuring that workshop went smoothly.

-Tay Wei Sheng (19) (4B2'13)

We would like to thank James Dyson Foundaries for providing us with the opportunity to broaden our knowledge in the field of innovation.
We would also like to thank 3M for allowing us to visit their manufacturing plant.
Last but not least, we would like to thanks Mrs Ng, Mr Goh, Ms Boey and Mr Lim for accompanying the whole journey with us.

-Daniel Lin 4A304