Monday - CleanTech One

I learnt much about the innovative technology used to create an energy efficient environment.

Wednesday - Fusionopolis and Biopolis

I learnt more about how JTC built the One-North area to provide space for the different areas a expertise.

Thursday - Jurong Summit and Jurong Island

I learnt more about what Jurong Island is used for and how it is being designed for future developments.

The site visited that interested me the most was the one to CleanTech One.

This is because I found their innovative way of finding energy efiicient ways to run the building. For example, the way they positioned to building to let a breeze through along the center of the building and also the chilled ceiling. I found this really interesting.

Yes, it does. After seeing how there are many ways to innovate and to generate ideas. I feel inspired to be a future JTC engineer.