Day 1 20/05/13

Today we went to Cleantech One in Cleantech Park, one of the buildings under JTC. This journey was really impressive!

When we arrived, I was shocked by the appearance of the building: it was nearly covered with green. But why it was designed like this? Is it just because the theme green? With these questions, I entered the building.

Honestly, I found it a little difficult to understand those high-tech words during the introduction. But throughout the pictures which were shown by the two engineers, we felt those new technologies unbelievable. When we walked around guided by the engineers, our admiration towards those engineers grew a lot.

We believe it was quite obvious that it was extremely hot outside the building, which differed a lot from the temperature we felt inside the building. Thus, those high-techs are quite useful, especially the natural ventilation. We found it amazing that how the building was designed to achieve that. The wind inside the building provides good human thermal comfort condition. Secondly, the cooling system in that office was brilliant! Although that chilled ceiling was extremely expensive, it was actually very efficient to create a comfortable place for people to work. The engineer also talked about the corridors which are aimed to avoid the building itself being irradiated directly by the sun; the small impounding reservoir for rain water; the glass to keep out the rain. We think some day in the future, the future engineers will make the cost of these new technologies cheaper and cheaper. Thirdly, we are impressed by the BMS (Building Management system). It is so intelligent that it can even moderate the lights according to the different time period of each day.

Step by step, we became more and more interested in the project. This is only the first day, we cannot even wait for the following days of learning journeys!

Day3 22/05/13

Today was quite tiring because the place we went, one-north, was extremely big!

At first, I thought that it was just a shopping mall because there were many restaurants. However, I was shocked by the video a worker showed to us. I can still remember a slogan:” One-North, where ideas grow”. I thought it was the end of visiting one-north but I realized I was wrong when we reached its biopolis.

A kind worker introduced to us about nearly all the new technologies there. They were really impressive, such as: the cool water pool, which contains the water that was used in the air cooling system in the morning while was cooled in the evening; the littering system, which consists of a pipe which would send all the rubbish thrown by people in their offices or labs to a certain place. They sound amazing! However, I still have questions unsolved.

Firstly, although the method of cooling the water in the evening saves money, how can it save energy? If it cannot save energy, I feel confused. I think it is nearly the same to use electricity as the power of air conditioners as to use electricity to cool the water. Then, what’s the purpose of using it? Secondly, for the littering system, how can the rubbish be classified? It will be extremely difficult if there are a lot of pipes for people to throw or the rubbish is directly classified after being gathered at that certain place.

In spite of this, I still found today’s journey very meaningful! Tomorrow is the last day, we must cherish the chance!

Day 4 23/05/13

Today we were introduced more technologies which were under construction or use on Jurong Island. In JCT Summit, our external mentor showed us a video about them. The first one which is the cavern gave me a great impression. Because of the shortage of land in Singapore, the JTC plan to build this underground to store oil so that the tanks on the ground can be rebuilt to other more important things. The most amazing thing is the depth: 150m! It must be a difficult work to be done. He also introduced about other ones but I can't remember them clearly. One is about a building that has many mechanic hands and can take the containers of each lorry to a certain place of the building so that it is more convenient to send these containers to somewhere else.

After that, we went to Jurong Island which was our last destination and visited a chemgallery there. In that gallery, I saw all kinds of things made of petroleum like: plastic, clothes. And I finally knew that Jurong Island is mainly for oil industry. No wonder the engineers want to move the petroleum underground. At that time, I saw the industrious face of Singapore.

The journey was really exciting and made us more eager to deal with our problems!

In conclusion, I find the first day most exciting and useful. This is because what I learnt during the first day is the closest to our topic: air cooling system and ventilation. I can still feel the breeze blowing on my body when I was walking along the corridor of CleanTech One. I will never forget the chilled ceiling and the model of it as well. The principle of it was really easy but I believe I cannot come up with the idea of it. This sabbatical made me found physics much more interesting than before. JTC is an amazing organization and I even start to consider it as an option!