HCI Learning Journeys

'HCI Learning Journeys' is made possible with the support of two of our very important partners - Economic Development Board (EDB) & Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD). We are also very fortunate to be working with our partner multi-national companies (MNC), who have generously provided this invaluable learning opportunity to our students and teachers. The learning journey marks our school's commitment in working together with the academia and industry to more effectively engage students in the learning of science, technology, engineering and math and, in turn, supporting the economic development of our nation in the 21st century.

HCI Learning Journeys has been designed to allow students who have an avid interest in science and technology to experience how top manufacturing MNCs drive technological innovation to meet engineering challenges. Through their interactions with researchers, engineers and business leaders in these companies, students will learn why it is important to nurture their inventive minds by tapping into their passion and imagination. Such an exposure will also allow our students to become more aware of the wide spectrum of career opportunities in our globalized, high-tech society.

Learning Journeys in 2011

Learning Journeys in 2012