Our Journey

Day 1: We were introduced to the problem of building a device to find the distance of a given object from the camera, just by using a laser pointer and a computer screen. This was the brainstorming phase where everybody tried to think of solutions. We briefly explored using mathematical formulae to calculate the exact distance, but decided that it would be simpler to build a working device first and calibrate it later. We planned a list of components to build the product, including some spares in case of failure.

Day 2: We went to Sim Lim Square and Sim Lim Tower to buy components for our device. There were many types of components available at each shop and we needed to scout around for many tentative deals before making our selection. In the end, we used up most of our $100 budget.

Day 3-4: We spent these two days prototyping and testing out possible designs with our components. Later on, we also experimented with various components available in the lab.

Day 5: We finished the final product. Thankfully the building process went smoothly and we did not have to resort to using our spare parts. The final product worked to within 1cm accuracy and was easily mobile. We also participated in a common sharing where we presented our product to others and explained its features.