HCI (High School) Sabbaticals Programme

STEM sabbaticals and projects are follow-ups from the learning journeys. In HCI, we set aside 1-week per term (from Term 1 to 3) for students to attend enrichment courses for learning beyond syllabus. In our effort to promote STEM literacy in the community, we have initiated sabbatical courses that will encourage students to work with both their ‘hands & minds’ in the areas of Mechanics and Electronics, Wireless Technology, Optics and Energy Efficiency.

A 'Design Thinking' workshop was also conducted for the participants in the respective STEM sabbaticals. Click here for more information.

  • Sabbaticals in Term 1 (2012) - 5 to 9 March

Mechanics / Electronics - 'Toy Story'
Wireless Technology - Intel Wireless Comm
Optics - Optical Solutions To Everyday Problems
Energy Efficiency - Energy Energised!