Throughout these 3 days, I have definitely gained alot of knowledge from all the different places developed by JTC, like CleanTech One, Fusionopolis and Jurong Island. The places we visited were very interesting and attractive to learn about because of the galleries that had many interactive features that allowed me to be captivated by it and gain valuable knowledge.For example, in CleanTech One, we got to learn about the green features of the building as we toured around the building, learning how each component of the building like a green panel on the outer wall could make the room much cooler so there would not be a need for air conditioners that wasted much more energy.Solar powers,wind turbines on the roof were all used in decreasing the amount of energy spent in the building.One of the most interesting designs I thought would be the chilled ceiling, being so much more energy efficient and effective that I initially thought it was air conditioning.

Jurong Island was the most interesting trip,A land where there are only petrochemical factories with flame and gas smoking everywhere. We went to the Sakra building to view a gallery and that was very fun and enriching too.We got to learn about the work done at Jurong Island and more like there was a exhibit and diagram of the underground systems of Jurong Island for oil and also the Jurong Rock Cavern.Thus it was the most interesting trip.

The program does interest me alot in what a engineer is able to do and can do like designing of a system like the Jurong Rock Caverns that would take alot of work to design, however it is still captivating to design construction of buildings and systems for a place.